Running behind the Greenbacks

Want to fly the seven Seas. To see the flourishing land of green backs and babes. With big dreams, I slept off preparing myself for the Visa interview the next day.
6.30 AM flight, I reminded myself. It will be difficult to get a cab. Why not have it arranged previous night itself. I grabbed my cell phone and dialed the number for the call taxi. Hello said a sleepy voice from the other end. ” I need a cab to take me to the airport tomorrow at 5.15 in the morning”. All right said the voice from the other end.

Ahhh… now the cabbie will wake me up in case I over sleep. With a big smile on my face, I slept off. Dreams of checking one more country in my world map. Picturing myself walking out of the airport there.

Next day, my room mate pushes me out of the bed. Askin me.. What are you doin here? dont u have a flight to catch?? Sleepily I ask him, whats the time. Its 5.40. WHATTTT, suddenly , I am all alert. Oh shucks, I over slept!! what the #@$ was the cabbie doin? he never called me. I rush myself and get ready. Quickly ensure that all my docs are there with me. I drag my roomie to the bike. And shift gear to the Hannuman gear and she roars to life.

6.15, I am at the airport. I rush to the Kingfisher desk. Wait, I am there to fly to chennai. stop the planeeeee. ” I am sorry sir. We have already completed the boarding for this flight.” What ??? the flight was not delayed? It is running in time>> what happened to the bangalore airport conjessions?

all my dreams were begining to burst. Then I decided. What the heck? I will fly to chennai and see if i can get an interview however late I am. Took the next flight to chennai. Heck that one is running late.
Two and a half hour late, I was standing in the line at the US counsulate. I managed to get in. While I was getting my documents verified, a person comes and calls out, Is there any one left for the 10 AM interview. ( 10.AM?? hell , I am 8.45 AM interview candidate ) . I walked up to him and told him I was sheduled much earlier. HE looked at me puzzled look ( “Where the hell were u all this time ?”) he asked me to rush to the next building and get on the queue.

Fortunately the person in the other end of the glass box did not check the interview time. He just asked me a couple of questions and he said ” Sir, your Visa has been approved. We will send your passport to you in six days “.
I got my VISA stamped!!! the dreams did not burst away!!! Well, and life rolls on.


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