Into the Unknown

Life is so simple yet so complicated. It was only a few days back, when everything was going very simple and easy. Good job, decent pay pack, easy living, happy family. what more can one ask for.
And now, I have an offer with me. An offer that lured me with from my simple living to a complicated one. An offer which showed me how a happy mind can so easily turn itself to an unhappy one, asking for more and more.
Money, the Gandhi notes. I find this to be the biggest irony of all. Printed on each face of the currency is the face of a man who prophecies equality, selflessness, and love. Printed on that note which is the core reason for all the greed, selfishness and violence. Life sure is strange.
When I received the offer, Am I not worth more?
What is it that I want? They say, Man is considered successful when he earns more than what he can spend. For that matter, when he earns more than what his wife can spend. And a women is considered successful when she finds such a man.
But jokes apart, Will money ever satisfy anyone. Is money everything? Money, lack of it will certainly give a lot of unhappiness. But having plenty of it will not guarantee any happiness.
Then what is happiness? This is a question that everyone has to ask to him selves. To seek within one selves. To do find out what one really wants to do in life.
Coming back to my primary confusion, should I opt for the new job which offers me the the heaven and the world as claims the HR. Or should I opt for the same happy life, which has been spoilt by the offers the world offers. Whether I should leave my comfort zone to explore the vast unknown, to face new challenges, and tackle unknown problems.
I choose to keep moving. keep sailing. On the ocean of life. sailing on the sea to the vast unknown. Into the vast unknown.

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