The Golden Years : College

Its so true. You never get to know the importance of things close to you untill you no longer have it.
It was the same for me in college. Those days, those golden days, when you laze trough all morning, chatting, looking at the misty mountains out of the window, thinking whether to go for ride in the evening or to settle for a game of cards.
For those who do not know about my college, I studied in the misty, foggy and cold hills of munnar in gods own country. A college blanketed by beauty in all the directions.
With friends all around you, and a sense of belonging, you live each and every moment in it. We were a the first batch in the college of engg, Munnar. When all the other colleges formed party unions and fought for party reasons which makes no sense for the students, we made hostel unions and fought for no reasons at all. With each passing day, we formed a stronger and stronger bonds of friendship. And thus , the TAJ boyz was born.
Lovely were those days, where you go to college, having fun, ragging the juniors, running around the corridors, calling the proxys, copying trought the exams and what not. Wish we could live trough those days once more. Wish we could freeze those moments . Then again life moves on. and on.

One thought on “The Golden Years : College

  1. Woww!! College in Munnar.. I’m dying to go to Munnar once in my life.. and you lived there for four years!!! Couldnt have been more romantic.. would love to hear many more stories (love stories maybe) from the God’s land..

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